How to prepare monthly financial reports? Free Guide with Samples

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On the other hand, we can see that costs for marketing are slightly higher than expected which can also be something to look into and see if these costs are justified. Staying on top of your monthly financial statements can provide you with bird’s eye view-level insights for making quick decisions. We’ll recommend the proven add-in to install to access the ready-made monthly financial report template in Excel. Now that we have provided you with powerful monthly report templates you can apply for different areas and functions, we will see a few key elements that you should consider to create them successfully.

  • A data-driven finance report is also an effective means of remaining updated with any significant progress or changes in the status of your finances and helps you measure your results, cash flow, and financial position.
  • The effect of these strategies can be observed in the rest of the metrics such as audience growth, page views, and total actions.
  • Furthermore, it allows you to check the performance of each employee, improve the areas that are making problems for the management, and the areas that require special focus.
  • We’ll take you through monthly financial report examples in the coming section.
  • Excel comes with pivot tables, charts, and graphs for visualizing data.
  • A daily, weekly, and monthly financial record help communicate the ongoing narrative of your company’s economic processes, strategies, initiatives, and progress.

Now that you know what is a monthly report and what its main purposes are, we will go through a list of 15 business monthly report templates for different industries, functions, and platforms. All these templates were carefully created with an intuitive BI dashboard software. Additionally, you might want to consider specific KPIs and their relations. Gross profit margin, operating profit margin, operating expense ratio, etc., all have different applications and usage in a relevant financial data story. Take your time to identify the ones you want to include in order to avoid multiple repeats afterward.

What Is A Monthly Report?

We live in a data-driven age, and the ability to use financial insights and metrics to your advantage will set you apart from the pack. The value of this template for monthly reporting created with professional KPI reporting software lies in its interactivity. First, you get small boxes indicating the client’s name, project status, and time period you want to visualize. This can all be filtered upon the need to get deeper insights about previous stages or projects.

daily and weekly

Getting this of detailed insights in a visually appealing way will help teams stay connected, perform their tasks better, and subsequently make the project more efficient. This monthly sales report template is used to monitor, analyze, and determine trends and performance every month in order to run the sales department successfully. Its main focus is on high-level sales KPIs that are most interesting for c-level executives, managers, and sales VPs. No matter if you’re a small business or a large enterprise, you need to clearly define your goals and what are you trying to achieve with the report. This can help both internal and external stakeholders who are not familiarized with your company or the financial data.

This example of a financial report is professionally designed and editable in Excel. Customer satisfaction is one of the most important areas for any company. After all, keeping customers happy is probably one of the biggest drivers of success today. Our next template is an agency reporting dashboard tracking relevant satisfaction metrics in an interactive and visually appealing way. Providing this kind of insight to your clients on a monthly basis will help you show the success of the different initiatives in an understandable way. This insightful monthly marketing report template is the perfect tool to test the success of your social media strategies as well as what type of content your target audience enjoys the most.

Customer Retention Monthly Report Template

Last but not least, we have a KPI scorecard monitoring the overall performance of a manufacturing company. Divided into 4 sections tracking effectiveness, quality, production, and costs, this template serves as the perfect tool to ensure successful strategies and production processes. As seen with previous examples, each of the indicators in this report is compared to the previous month to have a performance benchmark to compare. This monthly report example, not only provides KPIs for the last 30 days but also on a daily and weekly basis so you can get an even deeper understanding of your performance. Seeing how the data fluctuated depending on the country or channel will help you fine-tune your strategies and allocate your resources in the most efficient way. For example, here we see that the USA has the highest number of sessions, meaning this is a country in which you should focus your conversion efforts.

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Though you might find some points to increase your business revenue, the expense might look higher if you invest in the long-term such as – [urchasing new equipment or hiring staff to make your business grow. This information is useful as it will tell the company where to focus its efforts based on customer preferences. Likewise, products with hidden potential can also be identified and boosted. A low accounts receivable turnover ratio basically indicates that you might need to revise your business’s credit policies to collect payments more quickly.

These interactive financial reports examples demonstrate the detail and insight you can gain from your online data analysis if you use it in the right way. We’ll take you through monthly financial report examples in the coming section. A cash flow statement provides a comprehensive view of how a business operates, where it’s making money, and how to make choices about expenses. If a company gets $100K in capital, but its profit-and-loss statement shows a net income loss of $10K during the same period, its cash flow statement will show a $90K net increase in cash for that period. When businesses look for financial reports for their company, there are so many things to consider, before making it and sometimes it may make you feel overwhelmed. Here we have listed some of the important financial stats from your reports to assist you in the right way to grow your business.


Finally, you will get an idea to work with what types of projects and to avoid what types of projects. Probably, the expenses for your high-paying jobs too will incur more expenditures. If you can expect these expenses, you can raise your profit rate with your clients. It is considerably more significant to look at your business profit per customer / per project. No doubt charts are an easy idea to describe your quantitative performance. To manage financial performance in comparison to a set target, you can also use a modern KPI scorecard.

  • Likewise, products with hidden potential can also be identified and boosted.
  • Customers can make or break a company, so ensuring you support them in each stage of their journey is fundamental for business success.
  • You can also include the name of reports like ABC organization and strategy report.
  • You may not have all of these reports each month, depending on what applies to the selected department.

There’s an amazingly affordable visualization tool that comes as an add-in called ChartExpo that you can easily install in Excel to access easy-to-customize charts for analyzing monthly financial reports. And this is because there’s an amazingly affordable visualization tool that comes as an add-in you can easily install in Excel to access insightful and easy-to-customize charts for analyzing monthly financial reports. While traditional reports often include a summary, body, and conclusion in a written format, this post will focus on interactive monthly reports examples created with a professional dashboard creator.

b) Profit And Loss Financial Reports Examples And KPIs

We recommend you install third-party apps, such as ChartExpo, to access ready-to-use data visualization graphs, such as Sankey Diagram and Radar Charts. While initially the charts were used to only showcase energy flows in an engineering system, they’re now used in other disciplines, such as finance and accounting. Look for the “Double Axis Line Graph and Bar Chart” in the list of charts. The Comparison Bar Chart is one of the tested and recommended ways of engaging with your data to draw insights into comparative relationships between key data points. It is important to note that if you find an error in a report, the information must be adjusted in the myUFL system before it can be reflected on the following month’s reports. Reports will reflect how the information was entered in myUFL, and should be reconciled and/or reviewed to discover any transactions requiring correction.


The example above was created with a dashboard designer that has advanced filtering options so you can play with your data intuitively and interactively. The template starts with a breakdown of the total energy consumption by each sector. This is a valuable piece of information to include in your reports monthly as it tells you who are your main consumers so you can prepare your resources and production in advance to answer their needs.

From the business perspective – you should consider the best client who generated more profit for your business. The individual who pays the highest fees might not be the one who generates the highest fee. Cash flowby following up with your clients to pay those respective invoices. These 3 will work together to determine and forecast the financial status of any organization. For instance, a balanced scorecard is typically started with a financial perspective.

They will provide your company with the insights it needs to remain profitable, meet objectives, evaluate your decision-making processes, and keep everyone in the value chain on track. A monthly financial report is a management tool you can easily use to communicate vital financial insights into your data. It should include comparative details from the earlier period and must be constant. But preparing the financial report on a monthly basis will help you check the trends and flops of your business expense and revenue.

The dashboard above is a perfect example of a financial statement for P&L. First, we see the income statement that starts by calculating the gross profit which is obtained by subtracting your total revenue from your COGS. Next, we have a list of operating expenses that include sales, marketing, and other general administration costs. The total OPEX is then subtracted from the gross profit to reach the operating profit . Finally, the total amount of interest and taxes are subtracted from the EBIT, resulting in the final net profit of the business.

Our seventh pricing and charging activity report template focuses on the management of an energy company. From the total sales and consumption by sector to the production costs and the number of power cuts, this energy dashboard gives you a big picture of the different plant’s performance. From startups to big enterprises, businesses are collecting more and more data every day and, it is no secret, that whoever is not taking advantage of it will simply stay behind. For example, you can schedule your financial statement report on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis and send it to the selected recipients automatically.

charts for analyzing

This is why we still mention them and provide examples of what can be tracked and analyzed every day, but for a long-term view, you should take a look at our annual, weekly, and monthly reports. The monthly ones are on top illustrated with beautiful data visualizations that provide a better understanding of the metrics tracked. In the coming section, we’ll show you how to analyze your data using the monthly financial report template in Excel. Keep reading because you’ll learn how to create a monthly financial report template in Excel.

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