The Power of Meditation in Sobriety

Studies have shown that meditation can assist individuals struggling with addiction in improving determination and realizing the underlying causes of addiction. This is a very powerful skill to possess in sobriety as it allows you to take control of your life, recognize your addiction’s causes and choose not to succumb to them. Meditation provides people with the calm and space needed to make choices that will benefit them instead of reacting on instinct and returning to old habits. For something accessible and free to everyone anytime, meditation is a priceless tool for people in sobriety. To learn some other mindfulness hacks check out our other blog here.

  • There are never-ending different types and schools of meditation to choose from when you start practicing, so just try to find a technique that works for you.
  • Hi, I am Buddy C, and this is our second 2 minute emergency
    meditation in our series discussing cravings.
  • This is a very powerful skill to possess in sobriety as it allows you to take control of your life, recognize your addiction’s causes and choose not to succumb to them.
  • It has become a sanctuary where I can reconnect with my body, quiet my mind, and rediscover the beauty of being fully present in the here and now.
  • The advantage of these tools is their structure.
  • You’ll see just how much tension and clenching is happening all over.

I remember the entire day and the terrible fight I had with my girlfriend. I remember checking into the motel with the intention of drinking myself into oblivion. I’m completely aware that I am in the throes of alcohol poisoning.

How To Get Others On Board With Your Sobriety

I went on Antabuse, a drug prescribed to stop you from drinking by making you violently sick when you consume alcohol. Breathing meditation is a straightforward practice which asks you to bring your attention to your breath and focus on the sensations within the body. In this blog post we cover the benefits of five different meditations for recovery, along with samples that you can plug in and begin your meditation practice. Mindfulness Meditation has been used for centuries to train the brain into thinking more clearly and calmly. It may seem counterintuitive that facing your inner demons can make you feel better, but this is precisely the goal of mindfulness. If you’ve ever attended a 12 Step meeting, then you’ve heard how important it is to have a higher power in recovery.

  • The sooner we can admit we lived, or existed, in chaos, the sooner we can understand what entering into a peaceful and calm life is all about.
  • Meditation can help repair and heal the underlying causes of those feelings and teach us how to be more at peace with ourselves and our surroundings.
  • Sobriety, especially early sobriety, can be an emotionally fraught time.
  • I started to practice mindfulness regularly.
  • Mindfulness meditation is one tool that many people in recovery find helpful.

Bring focus and positive thinking to your recovery. This type of meditation is great for people who prefer to meditate alone without a teacher or group. It may be helpful to focus on an object or listen to music as a way to hone in concentration.

Benefits Of Meditation For Sober People

I am excited to share this practice with you and to create a supportive environment where we can come together and support each other on this journey of self-exploration. And so my journey began, first by joining a 12-step program, and then by exploring the inner workings of my mind and spirit. What I learned along the way, this journey of discovery that has impacted every aspect of my life, is what I want to share in these pages. Perhaps you too will discover at least some of the serenity and hope that comes from this simple pathway of prayer and meditation that we will explore together. We provide several alumni support communities, including a weekly recovery support group, monthly alumni meeting, and online alumni community you can access anytime. Your connection to Herren Wellness doesn’t end when your stay ends; we are there for you throughout your recovery journey.

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In mindfulness meditation, you allow yourself and the things in your current state as they are. You presume the function of observer and watch- thoughts, breath, physical sensation in your body. Because of mindfulness meditation, you can start becoming more compassionate and tune into yourself as you are. Mindfulness meditation can be helpful in sobriety as it assists the individual in focusing attention, regulating emotions, as well as improving self-awareness.

Easy Mindfulness Exercises to Get You Started

Mantra meditation is prominent in many teachings, including Hindu and Buddhist traditions. This type of meditation uses repetitive sounds to clear the mind. In popular culture “Om” is recognized under this category of meditation, however it can be any mantra that helps you. This style of mediation allows the subject to explore what they are feeling and bring these to the surface in order to heal. In this meditation we start to tame the mind by observing thoughts and trying not to let ourselves attach to them. The first step is to know that your questions and feelings are normal.

  • If you are struggling with addiction and Trauma of any kind.
  • I’m not an affiliate for any of these tools.
  • As I walked into the church, I felt complete and total discomfort.
  • I’ve also written about three books that made me really love meditation before, so you are welcome to use that as a resource.

Yes, he or she will probably laugh, but that should tell you it’s no big deal and you are about to change course. Mindfulness meditation is one tool meditation for addiction recovery that many people in recovery find helpful. Mindfulness involves the practice of bringing awareness to things and accepting them as they are.

The slow releasing and breathing into the parts that are tight, aching, or just tense can feel like hitting reset on your entire body. Allow me to start with a non-affiliate disclosure. I’m not an affiliate for any of these tools. I’m not sure they even have an affiliate program.

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